Space for God’s Agenda


We lawyers are time and task driven more than most folks.  Litigators especially run with multiple timelines carrying serious consequences to our clients.   But transactional attorneys too must meet the urgent demands of their clients to finalize deals or draft estate plans.  So much to track!  We all have agendas with numerous nagging reminders.  Can you imagine a blank agenda?

Could we start our day with a blank sheet offered to the Lord?  Yes, the other appointments will be there, but do we ask: Jesus, what do you want to see on my calendar today?  The urgings of the heart, the intuitions of the mind, the inclinations of the spirit, all may surprise us.  Really, you want me to take time to rest with all I have to do?  You want me to prepare a meal for my spouse?  You want me to say “no” to that committee membership?  You want me to say “yes” to a creative hobby I’ve let go dormant?

Daniel’s Inn is a leaderless group.  We have no bylaws or officer positions.  We hold no elections.  Yet things get done.  Most of the space in the agenda book is blank.   A time and place may be set, and a topic is decided.  Then we show up, and we let the discussion go where it may.   Even the annual conference, with all its necessary preparation, just seems to come together year after year.

Following is a typical annual conference agenda, but it’s the space we leave for God’s agenda that’s most important.