This month Attorney Bob Dickson presented the question: “How Do You Respond to the Grace of Our Lord Jesus?” The discussion focused on John 9:1-34 — the encounter between Jesus and a man blind from birth. Jesus’s disciples asked him if the man’s blindness was due to the man’s sin, or the sins of his parents. Jesus stated that the man’s blindness was given so that the works of God could be displayed. Jesus healed the man of his blindness.

The blind man who now sees has a heart filled with gratitude. When called by church authorities hostile to Jesus, he refuses to deny or minimize what he has experienced.  He states clearly that Jesus is a prophet.  Later the man and Jesus meet, and the man worships Jesus.

Each month at Daniel’s Inn, a new presenter suggests some opening questions to start the discussion.  But inevitably, the discussion will go in whatever direction the participants find most interesting or useful.  Indeed, if you attend each of the four monthly meetings held in Orange County you’ll likely experience very different approaches to the same topic.  Here are the questions Bob asked:

  1. Do we misunderstand the Grace of Jesus?
  2. Do we look to Church leaders for guidance despite the clear evidence of His Grace?
  3. Do we reject the Grace of Jesus if it offends our religious understanding and/ or sense of justice?
  4. Are we afraid to proclaim Jesus when it will cost us dearly in the world?
  5. Are we bold enough to stand for Jesus no matter what the cost?