Attorney Serge Tomassian facilitated discussions at the questionably popular subject of Death. Only twice in 25 years of hundreds of topics has death been chosen for exploration, noted the Hon. Frank Firmat (ret.), one of Daniel’s Inn original founders.

Serge opened the discussion by asking how do we console the living who have recently lost a loved one to death? Or perhaps the question will be, how do we speak to a friend or family member facing imminent death? What is the “right thing” to say?

Serge provided us a listing of scriptures stating our freedom to choose life or death in matters of the spirit. Although our physical death is certain, or spiritual death is not. Genesis 2:16-18 and Genesis 3:3-5 for example vividly state how this choice was presented to Adam and Eve at the beginning of the human race.

Daniel's Inn Monthly Topic - Heaven and Hell

A place of self-imposed torment?

Each of the 4 monthly groups develops a different direction on the same monthly topic through open exploration. The group this writer attended spent considerable time discussing the nature of heaven and hell. What is spiritual death? What is hell? What will we experience in heaven? What sort of bodies will we have in the eternal life ahead? What is the “fire” that consumes? Are we to pray for the dead? The questions are clouded in speculation and mystery, but the truth of a real heaven and a real hell is scripturally indisputable.