Be still and know that I am God.”  [Psalm 46:10]

Hon. Frank Firmat (Ret.) led us in a discussion of how God connects with us through prayer.  Frank has practiced contemplative prayer and taught the Ignatian exercises for years.  The exercises are practices for connecting more deeply with Spirit of God by remaining open and receptive.

Frank’s one page “starter sheet” for discussion listed 10 scriptures on prayer, and ended with a few questions to facilitate discussion. At one point, Frank asked us to engage in a little exercise:  to offer one another a simple handshake and the words:  “The peace of Christ be with you.”  He then asked us to be quiet a moment, close our eyes and to get in touch with how we felt about the experience.  Each of us expressed the feelings differently, but mostly it was a feeling a feeling of God’s love and comfort. We all felt some positive shift of being connected to God and one another. Frank’s observation is that we often will monopolize the “conversation” with God, without taking a quiet moment to connect with how He responds.

Each discussion in each of our four monthly locations takes its own path, and reveals some new aspect of the subject.  For that reason, it’s always tempting to attend more than one meeting each month.  Daniel’s Inn held its first meeting in May 1993.  We’re approaching our 25th anniversary.  Why not be a part of this Silver Anniversary year?